Postmark API Wrapper for CodeIgniter

I’ve been using Postmark and it’s API for quite a while. If you’re still sending out emails through PHP’s mail() function, you need to check out Postmark! With Postmark you can off-load those transactional emails and not have to worry about it yourself.

While there is a Postmark API Wrapper for CodeIgniter already, I felt it was unnecessary to create an entirely different Email class just to send off API requests to Postmark. Instead, this library extends the Core CI_Email class, retaining the small footprint philosophy of CodeIgniter.


  1. Download the library from Github.
  2. Copy config/postmark.php to your application/config/ folder
  3. Copy libraries/Postmark.php to your application/libraries/ folder


There is only one setting you need to update in the config file (application/config/postmark.php) and that is your Postmark API key. You can find your API key from the Server Details -> Credentials page in your Postmark Account.

$config['postmark_api_key'] = "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE";

Loading the Library

To use the library, you will need to load it along with the Core CI_Email library (because we extend it).

$this->load->library( 'email' );
$this->load->library( 'postmark' );


$this->load->library( array( 'email', 'postmark' ) );

Just make sure to load the Core CI_Email (email) class first.

Sending an Email

The great thing about extending the Core CI_Email class is the ability to not have to change the way you use the class! The only difference is that you will be calling functions as $this->postmark->function_name() instead of $this->email->function_name().

$this->load->library( 'email' );
$this->load->library( 'postmark' );

$this->postmark->from( '', 'Your Name' );
$this->postmark->to( '[email protected]' );
$this->postmark->cc( '[email protected]' );
$this->postmark->bcc( '[email protected]' );

$this->postmark->subject( 'Email Test' );
$this->postmark->message( 'Testing the email class.' );


Other Information

When calling $this->postmark->from(), you will have to use your Postmark API Sender Signature located on the Signatures page in your Postmark Account.