August 4th, 2013: Track Day at the New York Safety Track

Loaded and ready!

This was our first time on the track this year for my brother and I, and a new local track (opened May of this year)! We’ve gone to New Hampshire Motor Speedway a few times in the past but this new track (New York Safety Track) was just an hour away from our house so we had to go. Here’s a map of the track:


The track was amazing! The people who built it did a great job with the design. The turns, the speed, the elevation change, all combined make this track so comfortable and exciting to ride on. It was a really nice day to be riding too with only a short 30 minutes of heavy rain that passed through. The track dried up pretty quickly once the rain passed as the sun came back out as well as the cars going out on the track to help dry it up.

I bought a GoPro Hero 2 a year ago and took it along this time. For some reason the battery died pretty quickly so I was only able to record two of the earlier sessions where I was getting used to the track, and none later in the day when I was getting around faster. Stinks but I’m sure I’ll be getting more footage in the future. Here are a couple videos, showing just two laps from each session. I will probably upload more later and you can view them on Vimeo

I crashed for the very first time on my motorcycle. I was coming out of a turn and came up on a group of riders that suddenly slowed down. I almost hit the back of the bike in front of me but instead locked up the front wheel and slid of track a good distance. I wasn’t recording at the time but I was ok and the bike was fine. The body of the motorcycle was scraped up as well as my helmet and racing leathers. Only the right footpeg broke off from sliding but was easily replaceable. It took me about 30 minutes to fix the bike up in time to get back on the track for the next session. I ended up with some stiff muscles, swollen left hand, a scrape on my right hand, and some bruises around my sides. I had rolled, slid on my back, and slid on my face – all while watching my bike slide away from me. I was the only one involved and after I stopped sliding I stood up, waved my hands to let the riders coming up on my know I was on the track. I waited for them to pass by me and then I walked off the track. I was able to ride my bike back to pit, fix the bike and finish the rest of the day.


My brother and I will most definitely go to this track again. This track was fun and fast and it only being an hour away makes it that much greater.