Tuesday Workout (2014-01-21)

Current Weight: 124 lbs
Workout Duration: 90 minutes

Squat 95 lbs x 5 Reps
65 lbs x 5 Reps
65 lbs x 10 Reps
65 lbs x 10 Reps
Romanian Deadlift 95 lbs x 10 Reps
95 lbs x 10 Reps
95 lbs x 10 Reps
Pull-ups 6 Reps
4 Reps
3 Reps
Dips 5 Reps
2 Reps
7 Reps

It’s been a little over 6 months since I was at the gym last July. This break was a little longer than I would have liked and I lost some progress. I dropped 8 pounds (trying to gain) and lost a good amount of strength. I will be easing back into it for the next few weeks with a friend of mine and then following a 3-day workout rotation. After a while I may go back into my 4-day workout just because I liked it.

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