Hubsan X4 H107L

via Instagram

This little drone is so much fun and very durable. I’ve flown it both inside and outside and it’s a blast, especially for the price. I purchased mine on Amazon as well as the case because I hate boxes.

I ended up getting 6 more higher capacity batteries after a few weeks of flying. The battery that comes with it only lasts about 5 minutes while the higher capacity batteries last about 9-10 minutes each. It was also recommended by a friend that I grab some “Ladybird” propellers because they’re a more durable than the props that came with the drone. They absolutely are and I’ve flown the drone into the wall a few times and into trees without any damage to them. In comparison, the original props have been scratched, dented, and bent during impacts.

If you’re interested in getting into drones or radio control aircraft, pick one up! It’s cheap and it’s a blast.