Mastering Programming

The journeyman learns to solve bigger problems by solving more problems at once. The master learns to solve even bigger problems than that by solving fewer problems at once.

Spend 80% of your time on low-risk/reasonable-payoff work. Spend 15% of your time on related high-risk/high-payoff work. Spend 5% of your time on things that tickle you, regardless of payoff. Teach the next generation to do your 80% job. By the time someone is ready to take over, one of your 15% experiments (or, less frequently, one of your 5% experiments) will have paid off and will become your new 80%. Repeat.

Nai-post ni Kent Beck noong Martes, Hunyo 7, 2016

Peel – A Case for People Who Hate Cases but Love Their iPhone.

I hate cases, always have. Why make my Phone which was built to be thin, thicker? I know some people do need cases to protect their phones from the elements and drops, I’m not one of those people.

When I purchased the iPhone 6S I started looking at cases and even bought the Silicon Case from Apple, mainly to protect the camera’s protrusion. The case is thick and makes the phone wider. The silicon is also quite slick so it slips out of my hand very easily. It also sticks in my pocket which is annoying because when I want to take it out it turns my pocket inside out.

Then I ran across Peel. It’s a super thin case and it’s awesome.

Photo by Peel

It protects the camera’s protrusion in the back and is just about flush with the side buttons. You can hardly tell there is a case on it. It’s got just enough protection that I want without being bulky and annoying.

So if you’re looking for a case and don’t require anything rugged, check out Peel.