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Highlighting parent page in WordPress menus

Menus in WordPress are a really simple and easy way to manage various navigation bars in a theme. wp_nav_menu() does a lot of the work automatically and includes a number of CSS classes for styling. Highlighting the current page is especially useful using .current-menu-item and .current-menu-ancestor classes. There was one issue I recently ran into though. […]

Tip: str_replace()

Here’s a quick little tip for using PHP’s str_replace() with many values. Sometimes it’s fine to just do this: $string = str_replace( ‘to_replace’, ‘replacement_string’, $string ); $string = str_replace( ‘to_replace’, ‘replacement_string’, $string ); $string = str_replace( ‘to_replace’, ‘replacement_string’, $string ); That method is fine but can get messy with many replacements. Another method is to […]

Postmark API Wrapper for CodeIgniter

Notice: This project is no longer maintained. I’ve been using Postmark and it’s API for quite a while. If you’re still sending out emails through PHP’s mail() function, you need to check out Postmark! With Postmark you can off-load those transactional emails and not have to worry about it yourself. While there is a Postmark API […]

Refactoring in Practice

I love taking larger functions and slimming them down into a more efficient and readable format. Here is a simple example of just that. The original function: function strip_slashes( $data ) { if( is_array($data) ) { foreach($data as $key => $val ) { $data[$key] = strip_slashes($val); } } else { return stripslashes($data); } return $data; […]

CodeIgniter Form with Text CAPTCHA

“A CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot.” – The current CAPTCHA system I started using is Text CAPTCHA. The Text CAPTCHA web service generates text-based CAPTCHAs which […]

Directory Listing from a Path

$path = dirname( __FILE__ ); $listing = array_filter( scandir( $path ), function( $var ) { // remove special directories ‘.’ and ‘..’ from listing if ( preg_match( ‘/^[.]{1,2}$/’, $var ) ) { return FALSE; } // remove files from listing if ( !is_dir( $var ) ) { return FALSE; } return TRUE; } ); This […]

Validate terminal command in PHP

Testing if a function exists in PHP is easy. Testing if a command exists on the system is also easy. I’ve never really run into the problem of having to create a compatibility suite script to make sure my PHP script will run without trouble. Simple things like checking the version of PHP installed or the […]

Modular Sidebar in WordPress

Like all good developers, I go back and look at past code to see what I could have improved and how I can apply the new knowledge to a current project. Both of the projects in question had sidebars with sections that are shared throughout the site. However, not all sections are being displayed at […]