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Google Maps API: Center Point Location

As stated in the last article, I have been working a lot with the Google Maps API for a current client project. The most recent problem, was the application was required to display a quick overview of the current location the user was looking at. The City and the State. Again, jQuery will be used […]

Google Maps API: Custom Zoom Slider

Google Maps API is just one of the API’s I’ve been working with recently. The most recent problem I’ve run into that needed to be solved was the ability to create a custom designed zoom slider, replacing the default. The default one was not gonna work for this project and the designer created a better […]

WordPress ‘Fetch Feed’ Plugin

‘Fetch Feed’ is a RSS retrieval and caching plugin for WordPress. You can use it to parse any RSS feed for displaying on your site. I created it while developing this new theme and thought other users would find it useful. I used it for the Delicious Bookmarks list on the sidebar and for the Favorite Albums from Last.FM on the footer. The beauty of this plugin is that you are not limited to how you display your feed.

Limit Words in a String

While developing websites, I’ve frequently run into clients who would like a news system integrated on their site. A news system consists of a list of articles, usually a summary at first, and when an article has been selected, the full article is displayed. So, how do you extract the summary from the content without […]