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Self Doubt

I was a person who always had excitement and passion in my career. I was excited when I got my first job as a web developer and I pushed myself hard to learn everything I could to be knowledgeable in everything I did. For years I would have ideas and build them, find new tech and try […]


I’ve debated getting a standing desk for a while and finally decided on the Evodesk as the one that would best work for me. I had been feeling fatigued sitting all the time but I didn’t want to get a fixed desk for standing. Although there have been a few motorized sit-stand desks that I’ve […]

Your Code May Be Elegant

OmniTI ~ Your Code May Be Elegant I’ve had this article bookmarked for some time now and I agree with what the author says. Too often in this field I’ve heard developers complain about another developer’s code because it doesn’t fit into their standard. I’ve definitely looked at code and scoffed at it both vocally […]

Re: More Than Success

I know that it’s not possible to have every teenager pursue a passion. Many don’t have one at this young. However, they should be introduced to many more things than they are now. I also know that in the long run, sometimes ends have to be met, which means not always working towards your passion. […]

Idea Notebook

Like most developers, I have ideas. Some of those ideas are built, some are still bouncing around in my head and that is a productivity killer for me. Constantly having new ideas and constantly thinking about old ideas is distracting. Not only is it distracting, it makes me feel uninspired. So what did I do? […]