Peel – A Case for People Who Hate Cases but Love Their iPhone.

I hate cases, always have. Why make my Phone which was built to be thin, thicker? I know some people do need cases to protect their phones from the elements and drops, I’m not one of those people.

When I purchased the iPhone 6S I started looking at cases and even bought the Silicon Case from Apple, mainly to protect the camera’s protrusion. The case is thick and makes the phone wider. The silicon is also quite slick so it slips out of my hand very easily. It also sticks in my pocket which is annoying because when I want to take it out it turns my pocket inside out.

Then I ran across Peel. It’s a super thin case and it’s awesome.

Photo by Peel

It protects the camera’s protrusion in the back and is just about flush with the side buttons. You can hardly tell there is a case on it. It’s got just enough protection that I want without being bulky and annoying.

So if you’re looking for a case and don’t require anything rugged, check out Peel.


I’ve debated getting a standing desk for a while and finally decided on the Evodesk as the one that would best work for me. I had been feeling fatigued sitting all the time but I didn’t want to get a fixed desk for standing. Although there have been a few motorized sit-stand desks that I’ve looked into, they were all way to large for my current home and more expensive than I’d like to spend.

Then I stumbled upon the Evodesk. The company looks new but I was able to find some great reviews about their desk. The pricing was cheaper than what I was looking at and was available in a size that would work for me right now. After about a week or two of looking into them and being a little hesitant, I decided to give them my money.

I’m impressed.

I kept the desk simple and only added the Ergo Desktop for the contoured edge at the front of the desk, the cable management tray underneath the desk (attached in the back), and the programmable memory controller.

I didn’t time how long it took me to put together, but the instructions were simple and easy to follow. The frame is amazingly sturdy even when it’s raised up high and the desk has a nice texture to it. One of the biggest selling points to me is the way they designed the frame, it moves laterally! Which means not only will it work for me now in their 48″ size but when I have more space in the future I can upgrade up to a 90″ desk.

Although I’ve only been using it a couple days, it’s been a great experience. If you’re on the fence about which sit-stand desk to get, I would highly recommend the Evodesk. It’s at a lower price point but it’s quality is superb.

The screensaver is the Padbury Clock.

Hubsan X4 H107L

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This little drone is so much fun and very durable. I’ve flown it both inside and outside and it’s a blast, especially for the price. I purchased mine on Amazon as well as the case because I hate boxes.

I ended up getting 6 more higher capacity batteries after a few weeks of flying. The battery that comes with it only lasts about 5 minutes while the higher capacity batteries last about 9-10 minutes each. It was also recommended by a friend that I grab some “Ladybird” propellers because they’re a more durable than the props that came with the drone. They absolutely are and I’ve flown the drone into the wall a few times and into trees without any damage to them. In comparison, the original props have been scratched, dented, and bent during impacts.

If you’re interested in getting into drones or radio control aircraft, pick one up! It’s cheap and it’s a blast.

An Homage to Strict Coding

Intent is both one of the most difficult-to-describe, yet most critical, aspects to the maintainability of good software. The more intent we can show in our code, the more quickly newer developers (and developers who haven’t been inside a codebase for awhile) can gain confidence in working with an older system.

Finally, when we write strict code, we use more of the capabilities of the coding language or framework—all of the good, relied-upon stuff that’s been well-tested and built into our compilers and database engines for years. Essentially, we get a lot of free quality assurance the more you apply strictness into your code.

Source: An homage to strict coding – DoneDone