• Completed the Motorcycle

    It is complete! Took a little over a month of waiting for parts, disassembly, cleaning, painting, and reassembly. I think it looks pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gas Tank Installed

    Gas tank mounted! All that’s left is the front end and side panels, new brake fluid, and a little more cleaning/detailing.

  • Painted Gas Tank

    Painted the gas tank black, but not really. Seeing how Plasti Dip works out on it and it’s a cheap method to painting the gas tank. If it doesn’t work out I may stick with a white tank and a black bike.

  • Water Pump

    Had to remove the water pump to extract the rest of the drain bolt. It broke off when I put it back on after flushing out the coolant. The replacement bolt arrives tomorrow.

  • Tail section complete!

    Tail section complete! Little bit everyday. It should all be ready by the weekend.

  • Smoked integrated taillight

    This thing is gonna be all blacked out! The light is a lot brighter than my previous one and has a couple of different features. First is that when the brake is applied the light flashes bright a few times before holding bright as a warning to drivers behind me that I’m braking. This gives…

  • Damaged O-ring

    My assumption as correct! O-ring on one of the fuel injectors was damaged causing a leak and loss of power at times (fuel not getting to one of the cylinders). Replacing all the O-rings and gaskets now.

  • Disassembling to clean the fuel injectors and replace seals.

    Disassembling to clean the fuel injectors and replace seals.

  • Matte Black

    Making a bit of a change to the motorcycle this time. Going matte black instead of gloss white.

  • Getting the motorcycle street ready again.

    Old fairings and gas tank removed. Ready to take the air box and intake manifold off. Parts to fix the fuel injectors should be coming in soon so I can get this thing street ready again. Itching to ride.

  • My Great Great Grandfather

    My Great Great Grandfather, taken by my Grandfather.

  • Color slides from 1954.

    Color slides from 1954.

  • GE no.6 Sure-Fire Flash Bulbs

    GE no.6 Sure-Fire Flash Bulbs. Some old leftovers of my grandfathers photography days.

  • Playing Super Mario Kart on RetroPie

    My Niece and Nephew enjoying Super Mario Kart on my RetroPie.

  • Evodesk

    I’ve debated getting a standing desk for a while and finally decided on the Evodesk as the one that would best work for me. I had been feeling fatigued sitting all the time but I didn’t want to get a fixed desk for standing. Although there have been a few motorized sit-stand desks that I’ve…