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Painted Gas Tank

Painted the gas tank black, but not really. Seeing how Plasti Dip works out on it and it’s a cheap method to painting the gas tank. If it doesn’t workout I may stick with a white tank and a black bike.

Water Pump

Had to remove the water pump to extract the rest of the drain bolt. It broke off when I put it back on after flushing out the coolant. Replacement bolt arrives tomorrow.

Smoked integrated taillight

This thing is gonna be all blacked out! The light is a lot brighter than my previous one and has a couple different features. First is that when the brake is applied the light flashes bright a few times before holding bright as a warning to drivers behind me that I’m braking. This gives better […]

Damaged O-ring

My assumption as correct! O-ring on one of the fuel injectors was damaged causing a leak and loss of power at times (fuel not getting to one of the cylinders). Replacing all the O-rings and gaskets now.